How to use a Kubotan.
    A Kubotan is about a six-inch-long weapon made of either wood, plastic or metal about as thick as a marking pen and fairly light. It can easily be transported and concealed. They are very inexpensive and can be purchased easily. It is a simple yet versatile self-defense instrument. It can be used to strike someone with the ends or to punch with it. Do not use it to whip keys attached into someone for this will cause little damage and just annoy many attackers.
    It is perfect for a smaller person to up their striking/hitting power. When you hit someone’s soft spot you will either knock them out temporarily or cause a lot of damage. Best results occur when hitting soft spots. The best way to hold it is in the middle so you can strike someone using either end in a downward or upward strike. You can also put a thumb on one end or put your hand behind one end to increase the striking blow.
    Keep your Kubotan concealed. You do not want to give your attacker notice. Hit soft spots as well as a collar bone, base of skull, elbows and hands. Practice holding and striking with your Kubotan. Practice by hitting hard surfaces to get use to any movement the Kubotan will have in your hand. An alternative item is a “tactical pen”. I recommend with wavy shape for grip; and black. Buy two with one for practice.

How to use Pepper Spray.

     Pepper spray can be very effective. First become comfortable with a strong hold on the container of pepper spray. Get use to gripping and flipping the lock on and off. After every use of pepper spray get a new container. It is better than hoping you have enough left from last time. Know what distance you can spray. You always want to have a good safe distance between you and the attacker. Buy an extra container just to learn how to spray properly. Do it outdoors away from any living thing. Always try to spray with the wind to your back.
    When spraying keep your arm about half extended not fully extended this gives you better control. Use your other arm to guard your spraying arm. Always carry your canister in your hands during any possible vulnerable situation. If you have any doubt about your safety be ready. You can stay prepared by holding the canister in a pocket in its on position. Know thoroughly how to arm and disarm your canister so it doesn’t accidentally discharge and do not disarm it until you know you are safe.

     For almost all people when they are sprayed in the eyes they will close their eyes giving you the opportunity to escape. But be sure you were thorough in your spraying to have gotten both eyes well. As soon as you know you have gotten both eyes then immediately escape. It is important to stay calm as you keep your eyes on the threat at hand.

How to use a Stun Gun.

     Considered better than pepper spray and a more efficient in stopping and taking someone down. But you must know your weapon/tool so that it works for you and doesn’t get taken from you. Know your particular stun gun and what it can do. As soon as you get your stun gun learn how to use it well. Get familiar with all its parts and how it feels; how to turn in on and off. Then when you need it you are ready.
    The best area to hit your target is between the neck to the bottom of the truck of the body. It is the largest part and the most effective part. If you can’t get to that part of the body, then aim for all meaty parts of the legs or shoulders. Know that you won’t be affected by contacting any part of the attacker being stunned. Though make sure you do not let the prongs touch your body. When you come in contact with your assailant hold on about 3-5 seconds. Be safe by ensuring your stun gun stays well charged.​​