Who do you train?

Women, starting as early as 12 years old with no upper limit. Women 12-17 must have a parent or guardian in attendance.

Why do you train only women?

They have very seldom had any type of fight training. Therefore, they are more vulnerable because of the lack of experience and usually they are attacked by a male who is normally much larger than they are. We teach a resolution to both those challenges.

What type of training do you provide?
Personal and Private, Group Workshops and Corporate on-site.

What are the key attributes of your Self-Defense training?
We focus on Awareness of your environment, your Attitude adjustment to fight and Accuracy in training.
How do I know I will get my money's worth?
We offer a 100% money back guarantee after taking any paid course of training if you do not think you received your money's worth.
Is your training physically intense or strenuous?
No. The training is physical to a degree but our focus is on precise information so your attention is very necessary... more than sweat.
Do you use a specific martial art style or fighting technique?
No. We utilize our continual knowledge and use whatever best serves teaching women how to defend themselves against an attacker of a larger size.
What is the key ingredient to fighting a larger opponent?
To never fight muscle against muscle.
Is your training restricted to the West side of Los Angeles?
No. We will go wherever we are needed and will find a way to work out the details.
How do you train your students in such few hours?
We focus on a few very effective yet thorough training techniques and allow the student to repeat the process on their own individual needs. We encourage all students to find someone to partner with for training both in class and on their own. Though a partner is not required to take any of our classes.

How long do most fights/attacks last?
Seconds to mere minutes... usually 1/2 a minute - 5 minutes. Usually, about the same amount of time your adrenaline will last which gives you the immense strength you need to fight and stop an attacker.
What is the mental attitude in defending yourself against multiple attackers?
Thinking of each opponent as one opponent that needs another hit or two to go down and stay down.​